Workplace Health & Safety

People, WHS & Compliance by 1834 Hotels

1834 Hotels believes the people of the business are the best ambassadors for the business. 1834 Hotels systems look after the safety and wellbeing of hospitality staff with a Health & Safety Policy and Management Plan that instigates a whole-of-organisation review and maintenance program. Opportunities for best practice are identified and implemented to achieve workplace health and industry compliance, ensuring a side of the business that is absolutely essential meets standards and provides advancements.

Personal development and business growth

1834 assists a network of city hotels, large regional motels, apartments and resorts across Australia to recruit, select, employ, train and develop the best people for the job. Our Human Resources arm has the knowledge, tools and procedures in place to meet every aspect of hospitality employment and job growth, including recruitment of General Managers that are a good fit with the property and great at managing it.

Transparency in the workplace

1834 Hotels systems establish a workplace where staff feel supported in their roles, increasing abilities and rewarding the business with the benefits of job satisfaction. With a culture of recognition and reward, hotel staff are inspired to give hotel guests the best possible experience.

Improved efficiencies

1834 evaluates the property’s organisational structure to ensure it is resourcing effectively. We’ll identify opportunities for improved wage and service efficiencies and implement continuous improvement through training programs.

WHS managed and monitored. Compliance under control.
1834 Hotels Work, Health & Safety Policy and Management Plan will assess, evaluate and implement workplace safety through leadership and commitment, roles and responsibilities, communication and consultation, contractor management, issue resolution, work health and safety incident reporting, document and data control, risk management, safety standards, emergency and environmental management.

Best practice is prevention

1834 initiates an injury prevention program that is compliant with legislation and has the health and wellbeing development of the property’s staff at the core of its purpose. Staff have the strategies and the follow up they need to be aware of injury prevention at all times, together with a return to work program and coordinator at the ready.

Maintain best practice, confidentiality and professionalism in the workplace with 1834 Hotels systems.