Cost Control

Cost & Expense control by 1834 Hotels

1834 Hotels specialises in the management and providing visibility and analysis of hotel costs and expenses.  Cost control and expense management is often where the profit is made or lost within the business and we give this area our full attention. If high costs and expenses sound like a familiar story, don’t worry its not to late – we can help you!

We will work your expense lines and control your wage costs, cost of goods across all areas of your business. We will support your General Manager to successfully manage this on a daily basis. We will make the necessary decisions to ensure your hotel is profitable.


Our custom reporting provides a daily report outlining cost of goods analysis in turn enabling us and your manager to stay in control and manage appropriately.  Structured and thorough stocking taking systems are also implemented as part of the ongoing management of cost of goods.

Management of Purchasing

1834 Hotels establishes and provides structure and control of all purchasing, debtor, and creditor accounts.  All invoices have approval parameters and all invoices are scanned and held within the cloud. We have live access to view the details of all purchases made, as will you.  We will ensure your purchasing is necessary and within budget and that all accounts are monitored and controlled to ensure hotel profitability.

Group buying power

As part of the 1834 Hotel group,you will be able to access purchasing opportunities at a far reduced cost across the board.


  • 1834 Hotels will manage and reduce costs are optimised for profitability
  • Daily reporting of Cost of goods %
  • Detailed stocktaking system to keep Cost of goods controlled
  • 1834 Hotels can manage and facilitate all of your purchasing
  • 1834 Hotels will provide your hotel group buying opportunities and savings

Let us help you.