Hotel Management

The 1834 hotel management solution

1834 Hotels Management realise a dream all hotel business owners and operators have, of striking the right balance between hotel management, business planning, and financial control for a profitable return.

1834 Hotels systems and Management run city hotels, large regional motels, pubs, motels, apartments and resorts, working with the business to maximise the asset.

1834 Management will support your business with,

General Management

Financial Management

Wage Control

Cost Control 

Workplace health & Safety

Revenue Management

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage

Business Planning

If it’s broken, fix it. If it’s not, make it even better.

1834 Hotels Management services are flexible to suit your business. Once adapted to individual requirements and structures, hotels, motels, apartments and resorts grow through increased efficiencies and closely monitored operations. Daily, weekly, monthly tasks are better managed.

Time to grow the business

With sales increasing, management managing and expenses controlled the business is poised for growth. Wages are under control, the business benefits from live reporting, forecast and analysis. Growth initiatives for all areas of the business are provided, as well as development ideas, new concepts and an always open approach to change.

Taking advantage of opportunities

Even single properties can feel the financial benefit of 1834 Hotels group buying power, we enable your business to buy smarter and usually at a far better price than going it alone.

Bring order to everyday operations

1834 hotels will enable a better way of doing business in the hospitality and tourism industry. Wages and costs are managed, the business is more efficient, transparent, and predictable. You will see the management tools working.

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