Supplier information

Thank you for your interest in working with the 1834 Hotels Group and our Network of Hotels . Our preferred suppliers are an extension of our network, and therefore, we are very careful when it comes to selecting companies to add to our list and those must add real value to us and our network of hotels.

As you can appreciate we are contacted regularly by companies wanting the opportunity to leverage our buying and service our network.

To become a preferred supplier and or have us consider your service/product we ask that you submit a detailed proposal for our review. All supplier proposals must be submitted in the below format

All supplier proposals must be able to service nationally.

Application process

Step 1:

Create a proposal that is specific to 1834Hotels. You will want to define your competitive advantage. You will also want to outline how your offerings will benefit our network.

For example, please detail how your product or service will:

  • Provide a solution or improvement
  • Save the venue and or add value
  • Increase the revenue
  • Increase the efficiency of the hotel or network

Step 2:

Send your proposal to [email protected]  Please keep your proposal simple and concise.

Step 3:

A  review takes places every 12 weeks to discuss any proposals that have been received. At that time, we consider all initial information. If we believe the proposal warrants further discussion, you will be contacted to provide us with more information and a schedule an intro. Please note that we may have existing long term supplier agreements in place that may directly compete with your companies offering and will be unable to consider until that agreement is within it’s final term.

We ask that you please follow this process through the entire consideration process. Due to our high volume of calls and emails, we strongly discourage additional follow up on your part, and we request that you wait for our review and for us to contact you. Following this process will allow us to give your proposal the time and attention it deserves.

Thank you for contacting 1834 Hotels.