7 impactful changes your hotel should make this year

30th January 2024

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Hotels hold a significant role in shaping the travel experience. And as the dynamics of travel and hospitality evolve each year, accommodation providers must continually upgrade themselves to meet the changing needs and desires of people. So as we move into the year 2024, it becomes crucial to ensure that your hotel meets the highest standards of excellence. Seeking guidance on the changes to make in your hotel as we move into 2024? Attract more guests, develop your hotel experience and enhance profitability in the coming year, with these seven impactful changes.

Keeping your hotel agile in 2024

As the hospitality industry evolves, hotels must too. Adapting to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape is absolutely key for the success and profitability of all hotel businesses. So in 2024, as more changes arise, it is crucial for hotels to recognise and embrace the shifts in guest preferences, technological advancements, and market demands.

7 impactful changes your hotel should make this year

In the article, we will delve into seven key areas that deserve your focus and improvement efforts at your hotel. By concentrating on these aspects, you can transform your hotel into a more enjoyable and efficient destination for your guests.

1. Improve communication

Improving communication with your guests at a hotel is crucial for creating positive experiences and fostering guest satisfaction. It’s therefore key to keep things communicative and personalised at your property.

Personalised interactions play a key role in making guests feel valued and heard. Therefore, you’ll want to encourage your staff to engage in friendly and personalised conversations, addressing guests by name and showing genuine interest in their needs and preferences.

But it’s not only about what happens at your property itself. Clear and timely information is also vital to the communication process. Ensure that all relevant information about your hotel, including amenities, services, and policies, is readily available through various channels. For example, responding promptly to guest inquiries and requests is essential for providing excellent service. This might be through emails, social media, your website, or simply on the phone.

Additionally, actively listening to guest feedback and implementing improvements based on their suggestions further enhances communication and guest satisfaction. Make guests feel as though you care about their thoughts, and remain open to their suggestions and comments.

2. Revamp your interiors

It’s no surprise that revamping the interiors of a hotel can greatly enhance the overall guest experience. With a fresh new, yet timeless look at your hotel, you can ensure longevity of your hotel and a better profitability. Here are some strategies to consider:

Modernise and refresh

Update outdated decor and furnishings to create a fresh and contemporary ambiance that appeals to modern travellers.

Focus on comfort

Prioritise guest comfort by investing in high-quality mattresses, pillows, and linens. Plus, incorporate cosy seating areas and well-designed workspaces to cater to guests’ relaxation and productivity needs.

Enhance lighting and acoustics

Optimise lighting to create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. You might also like to consider implementing soundproofing measures to minimise noise disturbances, ensuring a peaceful stay for your guests.

Incorporate local flair

Infuse elements of the local culture and surroundings into your interior design to create a unique and authentic experience that reflects the destination.

Create functional spaces

Design versatile spaces that cater to different guest needs, such as cosy lounges, vibrant bar areas, or well-equipped fitness centers, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Engage with art and décor

Curate captivating art installations or showcase local artwork to provide a visually stimulating and culturally enriching experience for your guests.

3. Review your revenue management

Improving your revenue management strategy at a hotel is crucial for maximising profitability. In fact, you should review your strategy thoroughly and often.

To achieve this, focus on the following elements of your strategy: dynamic pricing optimisation, targeting high-value guest segments, effective distribution channel management, accurate demand forecasting, upselling and cross-selling, optimising loyalty programs, conducting competitive analysis, and fostering collaboration between teams. With notes on how to improve each section, you can begin to formulate a new revenue management plan.

4. Monitor and analyse your marketing results

Monitoring and analysing marketing results is crucial for developing a successful marketing strategy in the hotel industry. And without a solid marketing strategy, your hotel is bound to suffer in terms of profit.

By tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns, such as website traffic, social media engagement, and email open rates, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your efforts.

Set clear goals and measure the return on investment for each marketing channel, allowing you to allocate resources effectively and optimise your budget.

You might also want to focus on segmenting and targeting specific demographics, tailoring your marketing messages, and continuously refining your strategies based on data-driven insights.

Additionally, spent time monitoring online reputation and staying up-to-date with industry trends enabling you to maintain a positive image and stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, monitoring and analysing marketing results will empower you to make informed decisions and develop a more effective marketing strategy for your hotel.

5. Implement guest-facing technologies

In 2024, there are several guest-facing technologies that you can implement at your hotel to enhance the guest experience and improve your marketing strategy. In fact, arguably more than ever year before, there are some exciting technologies to adopt and potential changes to make. These technologies include:

Smart hotel rooms

Implementing smart technology in hotel rooms allows guests to control various aspects of their stay, such as lighting, temperature, and entertainment, through voice commands or mobile apps.

Internet of things (IoT)

By connecting devices and sensors, hotels can offer personalised services, streamline maintenance, and enable data-driven decisions.

Mobile check-in service

Offering a mobile check-in option allows guests to bypass the front desk and check-in directly from their smartphones, enhancing convenience and reducing wait times.

Contactless payments

Implementing contactless payment options, such as mobile wallets or RFID technology, provides a seamless and secure payment experience for guests.

Translation devices

Providing translation devices or apps can help overcome language barriers and improve communication between guests and staff.

Increased internet bandwidth

With the growing reliance on technology, ensuring high-speed and reliable internet connectivity is crucial for guest satisfaction.


As technology advances, it is essential to prioritise cybersecurity measures to protect guest data and maintain their trust.

Face recognition technology

Implementing face recognition technology for check-in, access control, or customised guest experiences can streamline processes and enhance security.

6. Plan some new staff training programs

Has it been a while since you reflected upon the training programs and sessions you provide at your property? Making improvements in staff training at a hotel is essential for providing exceptional guest service and enhancing overall performance. Here are some key areas to focus on:

Customer service training

Enhance staff’s customer service skills by providing comprehensive training on effective communication, problem-solving, and handling guest complaints.

Technical skills development

Invest in training programs to improve staff’s technical skills, such as front desk operations, housekeeping techniques, food and beverage service, and maintenance procedures.

Upselling and cross-selling training

Train employees on effective upselling and cross-selling techniques to increase revenue and enhance the guest experience.

Leadership and management development

Offer training opportunities to develop leadership and management skills among staff, fostering a culture of accountability, teamwork, and growth.

Cultural sensitivity and diversity training

Provide diversity and inclusion training to ensure staff members are respectful and culturally sensitive towards guests from different backgrounds.

Technology training

Regularly update staff on new technologies and systems used in the hotel, ensuring they are proficient in operating them to provide efficient service.

Safety and security training

Conduct comprehensive training sessions on emergency procedures, health and safety protocols, and security measures to ensure staff’s preparedness and guest well-being.

Continuous learning and development

Encourage continuous learning and development through workshops, online courses, mentorship programs, and performance feedback.

Utilise AI and automation

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest developments of the recent years. Implementing AI and automation at your hotel can revolutionise operations and guest experiences. Whilst it’s important to consider that striking the right balance between automation and human interaction is crucial for success!

By deploying chatbots and virtual assistants, you can efficiently handle guest inquiries and provide personalised recommendations. Plus, automated check-in and check-out processes through self-service kiosks or mobile apps enhance convenience while optimising staff resources.

You can also use AI algorithms to enable revenue management optimisation by analysing market trends and competitor pricing. Predictive analytics tools help personalize offerings and target marketing campaigns based on guest data.

Automation in housekeeping, maintenance, security, energy management, and data analysis further improves efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures a seamless guest experience.

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