5 reasons to use technology in hotel management

31st May 2023

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Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, seamlessly integrating into various industries – including hotel management. Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, its significance has soared, playing a pivotal role in the recovery of tourism. By leveraging technology, hotel owners in 2023 can enhance the guest experience, optimise business operations, uphold post-COVID protocols, and foster effective communication (amongst many other things). In this article, we delve into the undeniable reasons to use technology in hotel management and point your hotel in the direction of efficiency and success. 

The use of technology in hotel management

The hospitality industry has long recognised the significant advantages that technology brings to its operations. Forward-thinking hotels have embraced automated hotel management systems for years, leveraging them to optimise their workforce, enhance their products and services, and ultimately elevate the overall guest experience.

And at no other time has the power of technology been recognised more clearly than during the pandemic. During this time, hotel technology has become even more crucial, igniting a digital transformation across the hospitality industry.

So the truth is, by implementing technology systems, hotels can not only ensure that they stay relevant and up to date, but they can unlock the full potential of their staff and resources. From front desk management to housekeeping, maintenance, accounting, and finances, seamless integration enables hotels to operate with greater efficiency, minimising errors and maximising guest satisfaction.

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Reasons to use technology in hotel management

In 2023, technology in the hospitality industry has reached a point where efficiency is readily achievable. If your hotel is considering implementing automation but remains uncertain about its benefits, this article will provide a comprehensive overview. It delves into the advantages of technology and hotel automation, demonstrating the value it can bring to your establishment.

By exploring the reasons to use technology in hotel management, your hotel can make an informed decision about a potential investment and the transformative potential it holds for your hotel.

1. Guests love the convenience

One of the main reasons that your hotel should consider upgrading its processes and integrate modern technology, is that it directly impacts guests. Whilst airports and restaurants have long used automated or self service technology, hotels are now catching up. In line with the growing trend of contactless hospitality, hotel guests now expect a similarly seamless and technology-driven experience. Automated kiosks equipped with QR code scanning technology facilitate check-ins without the need to wait in queues.

Moreover, ordering room service becomes effortless through the use of tablets, eliminating the need to leave the comfort of one’s room. If your underlying goal is to provide guests with an easy and frictionless experience, technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this in the hospitality industry.

Less directly, guests also benefit from a hotel which runs smoothly. If your systems all work together to create a well-run business, this will be clear to guests from the moment they arrive. After all, efficiency means less mistakes, less stressed staff and a seamless stay.

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2. Human error is reduced

Efficiency is paramount in the hotel industry, and streamlining daily tasks is essential to ensure smooth operations. When every employee understands their responsibilities and can efficiently complete their assigned tasks, valuable time is saved.

In larger hotels, the scale of operations can sometimes lead to challenges in task management. Employees may struggle to keep track of completed and pending tasks, resulting in confusion and potential delays. For instance, housekeeping staff may find themselves wasting time trying to determine which hotel rooms need cleaning next. Staff can also run into errors, resulting in potential issues with guests and thus causing stressful scenarios.

However, with the implementation of a hotel automation system, these issues can be effectively addressed. Such systems enable hotel management to stay on top of the tasks that need to be handled and ensure an equitable distribution of workload among team members. A technology focused approach eliminates ambiguity and empowers staff to stay updated on their responsibilities, enabling them to make the best use of their time and skills.

3. Communication is eased

In the hospitality industry, catering to a wide range of guest needs, whether it’s taking food orders, managing reservations, or providing recommendations, can pose a challenge for employees. Consistently meeting these diverse requirements and maintaining effective communication can be demanding, and failure to do so can have adverse effects on your brand reputation.

Fortunately, the advent of technology has revolutionised communication in hotels. In fact, many hotels now utilise communication platforms to facilitate seamless cross-departmental communication, enabling them to respond to guest requests with enhanced efficiency. It also keeps everyone in the loop and informed about any issues.

As a result, these platforms play a significant role in improving the overall guest experience. By providing easy access to comprehensive information, technology can ensure that efficiency is put first and communication doesn’t get in the way of the day to day running of a hotel.

4. More time for important tasks

Within hotel operations, certain tasks can become monotonous over time, potentially resulting in a sense of boredom among staff members. Unfortunately, boredom or frustration can then lead to high staff turnover – a well known problem in the hotel industry.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. By implementing automation tools to handle administrative processes such as check-in and check-out procedures, rate management, and revenue management, hotels can eliminate the need for menial and time consuming tasks. This further streamlines operations and leaves open space for staff to do other more important things.

So, by leveraging automation tools, hotels can alleviate the burden of repetitive tasks and allow their staff to focus on more meaningful and engaging activities that enhance the guest experience. Are you reception staff half as busy now because you use automated check in? Have them greet guests and bring them a cold drink upon arrival. Perhaps request that they spend some time gathering some social media content when they have free time or ask for their input on customer feedback surveys. When your staff have more time to spare, you can start achieving goals you thought you couldn’t yet reach.

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5. Increase your revenue

Of all the reasons to use technology in hotel management, this is certainly a persuasive one. Utilising automated revenue management tools can significantly reduce the time spent on analysing numerous factors that influence pricing decisions, allowing you to establish optimal pricing for your inventory efficiently. In doing so, you’ll have a failsafe way of optimising your revenue and squeezing out as much profit as possible from your business.

By considering various factors and leveraging smart algorithms, revenue tools work on dynamic pricing and adjusts prices in real time. These tools gather data and insights from past months, for example presenting guests with room upgrade prices before their arrival.

In addition to time savings and pricing optimisation, automation also has a positive impact on customer experiences. When guests are impressed with the ease and comfort of their stay, they are more likely to recommend your hotel to others. This, in turn, generates more business and contributes to the growth of your brand awareness. Better service equals increased revenue!

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