Is hotel interior design important? And 6 tips to improve yours

24th April 2023

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Hotels come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and themes. But regardless of their place in the market, there’s no doubt that hotel interior design has a part to play in delivering a positive experience for guests. Cohesive interior design helps to communicate your brand promise and showcase the amenities on offer, all while speaking directly to your target audience and creating an enticing environment. Looking to improve hotel’s overall look? In this article, we discover the extent to which appealing interior design has a positive impact on hotel businesses, their revenue and reputation. Then, we offer six simple tips to improve and brighten up your property.

Does great interior design equal better business?

Merely providing top-quality and timely services is not enough to provide an overall impeccable customer experience in 2023. With the fierce competition that hotels face, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a hotel business doesn’t make the cut. There’s a lot more to successful hospitality in 2023 and you’ve got to stand out.

The interior design of a hotel is one element that can help a property to increase its success. In fact, according to a McKinsey study, companies that prioritise design tend to have higher revenues and better performance. There could be a few reasons for this.

Why is good hotel interior design beneficial?

It portrays a certain attention to detail

Firstly, when a hotel invests in design, it conveys a sense of promise and care to its customer. When faced with images of a nice looking hotel online, potential guests will assume that if the design looks good, the property must have an overall commitment to quality and attention to detail. In turn, they’ll be more likely to book.

It supports your brand and promises a certain standard

Secondly, well-designed hotel interiors can convey a sense of luxury and sophistication. This creates a more enjoyable experience for guests who then feel an urge to repeat their experience or pass the message on to friends. This is of course why most successful brands in the world design their interiors in a way that creates a desired mood for guests; it helps them to convey their unique brand story promises potential guests a great experience.

It makes them more memorable

Thirdly, hotels with unique and visually appealing designs are also just more memorable and they stand out from other options. It’s as simple as that. If your property offers unique, modern and sophisticated hotel rooms, guests are more likely to remember you, and you’re more likely to gain a positive reputation.

Image is important to humans

Fourthly, the human brain is naturally attracted to visual stimuli. This could also contribute to the importance placed on image in today’s society. With the rise of social media, the emphasis on self-representation, visual imagery and high quality design, the importance of aesthetic appeal in various aspects of life has arguably increased.

But of course, it’s not all about looks…

Hotels can be highly successful due to other factors such as location, pricing, and customer service, all of which play a significant role in the performance of a hotel. By no means does great interior design directly translate to better business (all hotel managers will know that there’s a lot more to hotel management than modern lampshades and minimalist guest rooms).

However, as a proven contributor to a hotel’s overall success (when carried out alongside other solid hotel management strategies), it’s definitely something worth thinking about.

6 tips for better hotel interior design

When it comes to hotel interior design, the smallest changes can make a big difference. Considering a renovation at your hotel? Or perhaps even just looking for a couple of low cost tips to modernise your lobby? In no way are we suggesting that you should you aim to kit out your property like the 7-star Burj Khalifa, but perhaps there are some nagging changes you could make to improve your guests’ surroundings.

Below, we outline 6 top tips for better hotel interior design.

Find your hotel interior design focus

Great design doesn’t try to be everything to everyone, but it should appeal to your specific audience. Look back at your data and try to understand who your core audience is? What do they want from your property? Why do they visit? Try to narrow down on a particular theme and keep this focus in mind as you work on the overall aesthetic of your property. From colours to furnishings and artwork – keep it cohesive! Guests can very quickly see the goals and vision of the hotel reflected in the interior design, and they will choose to stay when they’re convinced that your vision matches their needs.

Don’t compromise on comfort and functionality

Forget super uncomfortable chairs that make a big statement; your hotel should always keep comfort in mind. Additionally, the functionality of your hotel (its signs, flooring, use of space etc.) should always cater to guests. Keeping a balance between form and function is key in ensuring your hotel runs smoothly. Everything should be easy and enjoyable to use and to understand!

Tone down the patterns and colours

We’ve all been to hotels which have an excess of patterned soft furnishings. If you feel that your hotel could do with an update, swap out old, patterned blankets for new solid colour ones and try to keep things a low key. Choosing neutral tones is a great idea if you’re hoping to remain relevant into the future. You could also choose white – a classic choice – which is practical for cleaning purposes, and which brightens up a room, making it feel more spacious.

Get rid of dated or faded pictures  

Old artwork in a hotel room can make a property seem older and more outdated than it really is. One way to brighten up guest rooms in particular, is to replace old prints for new, more vibrant local artwork. Anything which represents your location will also offer guests a fun taste of the destination.

Invest in the important: chairs

Most properties follow a classic concept when furnishing their rooms, including a bed, two nightstands, a closet, a desk, and a chair. If the chairs in your guest rooms match the carpet, are highly patterned or outdated it might be better to replace it with something new. Mixing textures and choosing chairs that are both functional and attractive can enhance guests’ experience without breaking the bank. Consider mixing and matching colours or styles within the soft-colour palettes.

Make lighting a priority

Hotel lighting is an element that is often overlooked at hotels, but it has important practical and aesthetic implications for guests and staff. Proper lighting can create a relaxing and refreshing environment for guests, while poor lighting can highly detriment the well-considered rooms that you’ve spent time designing. Make sure that your areas are well lit where necessary, helping to portray a clean and crisp appearance to your property.

guest room interior design at Bridgeport hotel

Pic: The Bridgeport Hotel in Murray Bridge

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