Top hotel marketing tips for 2023

22nd March 2023

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Hotel marketing just isn’t how it used to be. In fact, marketing your hotel has not only become more fun in the last decade, but it is now packed with some incredible potential and possibility. From Facebook to TikTok, blogging to Youtube Shorts, your hotel marketing strategy can come in any form or combination and can take any direction. The possibilities are endless – you just have to stay consistent and up to date. In this article, we share some of the top hotel marketing tips for 2023, helping you remain inspired and stay on trend with your strategy. 

Hotel marketing in 2023

In 2023, there are countless ways to reach your market and promote a hotel. Relying solely on one marketing strategy is certainly not the optimal approach.

With the world rapidly advancing, novel marketing trends are continuously emerging and it seems as though nothing remains the same. As a result, hotels are left to consider all the possibilities and adopt the ones which are most effective for their business. What’s more, with platforms changing ever year, keeping up to date with methods you choose is crucial to your success and competitiveness.

In this article, we have pulled together a handful of hotel marketing tips for 2023. Covering topics from videos and TikTok, data and copy, you’ll end your read with a little more knowledge and hopefully a few creative ideas.

Hotel marketing tips for 2023

1. Focus on value (not discount)

Topping our list of hotel marketing tips for 2023 is the important concept of value.

Whilst it can feel appealing to start a new campaign with discount at its core (after all, we know this often works well), this year is the time to think outside of the box. Dwelling on the value you offer customers, for the same price, can be a more effective way of increasing your revenue as you move forwards with your business.

Emphasising your property’s luxury baths, exclusive toiletries, cocktail bar or beautiful decor can elevate your hotel and prevent it from taking part in a race to she lowest prices. Hone in on messages surrounding value and experience in the next content you produce and you will begin to add a feeling of desirability to your property.

2. Make your marketing personal

2023 is the year to start personalising your marketing efforts and speaking directly to individuals. This doesn’t mean writing out individual emails to guests, but rather segmenting your customers and – put simply – getting to know them and their preferences better.

By tailoring your marketing efforts and messages to individual guests based on their preferences, interests, behaviours, and previous interactions with the hotel, you’ll be able to make guests feel special, valued and appreciated. Ultimately, you’ll increase your revenue.

Imagine staying at a hotel where everything in your room was customised according to your preferences; you receive a birthday cake on your birthday, are offered a free shuttle to the airport as a business traveler, or receive free laundry and ironing services before an event. It would undoubtedly create a positive impression. Similarly, suppose you receive a promotional offer from a hotel that caters to your specific needs and requirements. You’d most likely want to book.

Personalised hotel marketing – in any shape or form – is likely to be important in 2023. Integrate it into your marketing plan this year and your revenue might just increase.

3. Offer your target market detailed information

Many hotels unknowingly deter bookings simply due to a lack of information about their hotels. Whilst this might seem like a simple fix, identifying this basic error at your property could be your strength in 2023.

Whilst you might know how wonderful your hotel is, your guests don’t share your same perspective. If they can’t see high-quality images of rooms, your restaurant, views and stunning hotel lobby, how could they comprehend the well-considered aesthetics? Similarly, if you offer a hotel breakfast but don’t share the times on your website, what is stopping an individual with a 9am flight from booking elsewhere, where breakfast is clearly offered from 6am.

Asked what hotels should do to improve their marketing efforts in 2023, Meng-Mei Maggie Chen (professor) stated:

“Communicate your value proposition clearly on your website. Recently I booked a hotel because it was the only one communicating complementary shuttle hours.”

In 2023 take some time to consider your target marketing and rethink the ways in which you describe and display your differences to them. If your customers can’t perceive any core value or differences, why should they buy from you over other properties?

4. Use your data for marketing purposes

The use of data in marketing has always been important, but as we move forwards it becomes increasingly crucial. In 2023, hotels should make use of data in their marketing efforts by establishing strong data-led strategies. Using the data they collect, as well as online data from reputable sources, hotels can begin to improve their marketing campaigns, offering relevant products and services, and providing personalised experiences for their guests.

Hotels looking to include more data in their marketing strategies should:

  1. Capture basic guest data during the booking process, from social media and through email marketing.
  2. Use data to assist with marketing campaigns; coming up with relevant offers for your target audience.
  3. Use data and predictive analysis to decide when and how campaigns should be run.

If you adopt any of these hotel marketing tips for 2023, this one might just be the most beneficial. This is especially true if you don’t have a data strategy already in place!

5. Cater to short attention spans

Whether its your copy, your imagery or your videos, creating content for those with shorter attention spans is key to success in 2023. Major social media platforms have embraced short form content for years now, making it easy for brands to publish quick videos. Sharpening your story telling skills and offering your brand story or USPs in a matter of seconds is key to success.

Catering to short attention spans as a hotel should also feed into your copy this year. Whether it’s a Facebook ad, a bus shelter ad, your website homepage or anything else that is produced with the goal of promotion, should be kept short and sweet. With so much content available which is easy to consume within seconds, long paragraphs of text will simply get lost and be forgotten.

6. Adopt TikTok into your marketing strategy

Following on from the previous point, 2023 might be the year for your hotel to download TikTok and start making some video content. The Gen Z member of the social media family – TikTok – can help your hotel to build brand awareness and attract new customers. As the most downloaded app for two years now, the platform is far from losing momentum.

In order to success with your property’s TikTok account, you can:

  1. Engage with users – like, comment, reply and answer questions in the Q&A section of your profile.
  2. Reveal your brand personality – have fun with your content and (if applicable to your brand) enjoy the humorous side to the platform.
  3. Show off your hotel – create content which shows off all the visually beautiful or appealing parts of your property. Short content means minimal footage required!

Marketing help with 1834 Hotels

This list of hotel marketing tips for 2023 might help you on your way to a better and up to date strategy. However, if you’re looking for more help, don’t hesitate to contact 1834 Hotels.

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