What do guests want from a hotel in 2023?

1st February 2023

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Most customers look  for similar things in a hotel. Given a nicely decorated, comfortable, clean and quiet guest room, located in a convenient location – one which comes with WiFi and friendly service – most guests will be satisfied. However, with constant developments in the hotel industry, guests are starting to expect a little more. What do guests want from a hotel in 2023? Review your hotel’s offerings and experience, with our list of the most vital features of the guest experience.

The development of the modern hotel

The customer has always been at the centre of the hotel industry, but today, more and more is expected.

Once upon a time, guests needed less. Satisfied with spacious rooms, onsite restaurants, and most importantly a comfortable place to sleep, expectations weren’t so high.

But the hotel industry has evolved over many years to become what we see today. Technological advancements, developments in what ‘service’ means and changes to the actual design of hotels themselves are some of the shifts that the industry has experienced.

In addition, whilst travel has increased over the years, the type of traveller has also diversified. Today, we hear about business travel, leisure travel, medical travel, solo travel, ‘workation’ travel/digital nomadism and much more. What this means for the hotel industry, is lots of expectations and many things to consider.

Of course, with the sudden arrival of the pandemic also thrown into the mix, hotels have in recent years been forced to update their services even more so and at a faster rate. Hygiene and flexibility became important from the year 2021, and this is thought to remain important in the coming years.

What do guests want from a hotel in 2023?

So whilst comfortable clean rooms are still arguably the most important aspect, what else do guests want from a hotel in 2023?

It’s time to think more creatively about your property, and starting offering things that other hotels don’t. In this article, we share some of the most recent trends in the hotel industry and outline some important updates to the guest experience. From this, your hotel can review consider whether any changes or developments are needed this year.

Modern spaces

Rooms don’t always have to be massive, and they don’t have to be super luxury, but guests do look for a modern space with plenty of contemporary amenities. Why would a customer choose to stay at an outdated property, when they could stay somewhere with useful, modern features?

Your hotel room should provide the most up-to-date room facilities and amenities; everything from fresh, trendy soft furnishings and a modern desk space, to gadgets such as coffee machines and USB plugs. Remaining up to date with the latest room amenities signals to guests that you are able to cater to their needs and this will lead to additional sales.

Sustainability initiatives

Today’s travellers are keen to support environmentally and socially aware businesses. Those properties aligning themselves with the sustainable attitudes of younger generations fare much better than those which stock single-use toiletries and pay little attention to environmental issues.

On top of reducing waste, reducing energy consumption and adding vegan dishes to your menu, your hotel could also implement a charitable element to its services. In addition, choosing local, ethical suppliers will also help you to keep up with trends and satisfy the modern day customer.

To find out more about how to keep your hotel up to date with sustainability initiatives in the hotel industry, click here.

Value for money

In 2023, value for money is more important than ever. Many customers will be looking for those rooms which offer extra value, or better experiences for the money they are paying.

If your property offers a bottle of wine upon arrival, a free breakfast for stays longer than 2 nights, discount on local attractions, or 20% off meals in your restaurant, value is provided and guests are more likely to book. In turn, you will see your revenue increase.

Friendly and personalised experiences

Large hotels in particular can often feel as though they’re lacking a certain charm or sense of personalisation. However, when you make an effort to offer your guests a personalised experience, you can combat this.

Collecting information from guests upon booking can offer you insight into their needs and preferences. In response to this information, your hotel can offer a sense of care; for example, rooms which match their reason for visiting (like rooms with better desk space for business travellers). Your property can also keep guests informed about future deals which align with their demographics and likes. Carving out a memorable experience and tending to guest needs can never be underestimated.

What do guests want from a hotel in 2023? One of the main answers to this question is – flexible check-ins. Your customers are seeking a smooth and simple experience that doesn’t involve long queues. And with many properties now offering more flexible check-in options, it’s important that you keep up.

Offer your customers automated check-in or self check-in in 2023 and help minimise lines whilst meeting expectations and increasing efficiency. A flexible check-in doesn’t have to equate to a lack of human interaction either. Make the special effort to interact with busy guests at a different time during their stay.


Technology is another important aspect of the guest experience in 2023. Besides automated check-in, technological developments at your property could include; digital guidebooks, coffee machines, smart TVs, online bookings for tours, a digital compendium, speakers, charging points and so on.

Providing your guests with technologically up-to-date amenities not only increases the image of your hotel, but it greatly contributes to guest satisfaction.

Seamless WiFi

High quality WiFi is a non-negotiable for guests in 2023. Whether they’re on a business trip, enjoying a workcation or simply wanting to stream their favourite show between a busy schedule of sightseeing, it’s important that there are no issues with connectivity.

Invest in a WiFi package that does your hotel justice, and eliminate all frustration amongst guests. Offering guests great WiFi means that you won’t be excluding any kind of traveller to your property, and you’ll therefore increase your chances of repeat visitation. In the year 2023, there is no excuse for bad internet!

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