8 Habits of a Successful Hotel Manager

17th November 2021

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The job of hotel manager is undeniably hard. Wearing many different hats, an individual in this position must have oversight of, and understand all, aspects of a hotel business. From revenue management to kitchen operations, to laundry and front of house, a successful hotel manager is involved in it all. In this article, we share the 8 successful habits that a successful hotel manager implements, to assist those who might need a fresh perspective on the role.

The role of Hotel Manager

The very nature of a hotel manager role involves understanding and overseeing the day to day operations of different departments. Marketing, finance, Human Resources, strategy and other areas of a business work closely with and depend on a hotel manager. Amongst other tasks, hotel managers are required to:

  • Manage hotel services, such as accommodation and catering.
  • Liaise with contractors and suppliers.
  • Manage budgets and control hotel expenditure.
  • Track hotel revenues, set accurate sales targets and optimise profits.
  • Invest effort in employee engagement and retention in collaboration with HR.
  • Recruit and provide ongoing training.
  • Be attentive to guests’ needs and wishes, taking opportunities to optimize the guest experience.
  • Address complaints with a personal touch to restore customer satisfaction.
  • Keep an overview on competition and stay up to date with trends.
  • Pursue strategic branding and marketing endeavours.

The list of course, goes on. As a result of these tasks – scattered across different departments – the role demands a diverse skill set. Offering great people skills and remaining calm, yet being quick on their feet, a successful hotel manager should be able to adapt to any given situation.

In order to assist with the daily tasks of hotel operations, an individual in this leadership role will require not only skill, but a certain mindset in order to keep up with the fast-paced environment. In this article, we offer 8 habits of a successful hotel manager in hope of providing a refreshing perspective on the role.

1. Listen to your staff

One of the indications that a hotel manager is doing a great job, is if they encourage staff to speak up, share their ideas and most importantly, if they listen to staffs’ ideas. On the floor, in the kitchen or behind the scenes, your staff know the ins and outs of their department and not only deserve a say in wider hotel operations, but can contribute hugely to the efficiency of your hotel business. Listen to your staff, because they offer insights into things you may have missed and can help you run the property better.

2. Spend 15 minutes per day reading industry news

As someone in a leadership position, a hotel manager should be careful not to get too comfortable with the way things are. Reading industry news, keeping up with innovations and technology and reading case studies of other hotels can truly inspire you in your role and expand your horizons. The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving and one way to get left behind is by missing out on recent trends.

Successful hotel managers are always learning more about their industry. Not only do they seek out information about the latest trends but they’re not afraid to visit other properties. In doing so, they gain knowledge from their colleagues as well as learn about the different ways and possibilities to improve their standards and operations.

3. Don’t Be afraid to ask for help

Similarly, as a hotel manager it can sometimes feel as though you must provide guidance to all staff in every situation. You must always be ‘correct’ and should know the answer to everything. However, in reality it is advisable for reasons of efficiency and effectiveness that you ask for help. Everyone has a limit in their work life or a weakness in their skillset. Reach out to other members of staff and choose to provide accurate, informed information from those who know best.

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4. Motivate People

According to a study by Dale Carnegie Training, less than 20% of non-management employees are fully engaged. Plus, the single most important thing influencing their engagement is actually their relationships with their manager or next in charge. In your role as a successful hotel manager, work alongside staff and find ways to motivate them in their roles. Encourage the idea that staff are part of something larger. Reward members of the team who work hard and have a great attitude. In doing so, you’ll be engaging employees and resultantly improving the service, standards and operations of your hotel.

5. Accept and embrace change

Evolving every single year, working in the hotel industry involves dealing with policy changes, staff turnover, new technology and much more. Successful hotel managers should embrace change, which in most cases will improve the way your hotel functions. When your employees see you embracing change, moving forwards and adapting quickly in unknown territory, they will follow suit.

In particular, bringing new technologies and systems into your business is something which can cause brief disruption upon implementation but can save time and money in the long run. These technologies are also important in order to remain competitive. 1834 Hotels can provide relevant recommendations around your hotel systems, including PMS options, POS system, revenue management, CRM and more. We also have preferred pricing and discounts available with many suppliers you may already be using. For more information, click here. 

6. Spend some time outside the office 

Years of hands-on experience front of house or behind the scenes have paid off and you now get to work in an office of your own. It is important however, that you don’t spend too much time behind the desk and that you interact with staff and guests as much as time allows for. Hotel managers spending too much time in their office may lose track of front of house operations, which can put them out of touch of the business.

Dedicate some time to working on the floor – even waiting, working at reception and joining in with the daily tasks of laundry staff. Your employees will respect your decision to do so and you will certainly have a better overview of the business. Meanwhile, attracting new clientele and maintaining repeat guests replies on your ability to ensure excellent customer service, create a rapport with guests and know your property inside out.

7. Get to know your guests personally

Whilst it’s not advised to socialise with your guests or entertain them, they love the idea that a hotel manager took time out of their day to attend to your problem or to have a friendly conversation with you. Whilst it may be time consuming, conversing with guests on a friendly yet professional level allows them to trust you, to provide feedback comfortably and in general makes for a positive guest experience.

Walk around during breakfast service and ask guests individually about their stay or recommend things to do in the region. A short friendly conversation can go a long way! In addition, taking the time to remember guests’ names and addressing them as you walk past can truly elevate guest experience.

8. Make decisions and resolve issues quickly

Successful hotel managers are expert decision makers. On top of this, they’re interested in making things happen quickly and efficiently and resolving issues as they arise. When it comes to complaints, don’t leave unresolved issues hanging and try to come to a solution quickly using an organised system. Implementing a structure for complaints and feedback so that staff are aware of the steps required and the protocol to follow is important. However, once a complaint reaches top level management, it’s time to take control and to face the issue quickly and face on.

How can 1834 Hotels help?

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