5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Hotel’s Instagram Account

20th September 2021

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Instagram is one of the largest social networking sites on the internet and it provides hotels with an excellent opportunity for engagement and growth. However, whilst having guests visit your Instagram page might not be too difficult, making it shine and using it as an effective marketing tool is another story. 

The benefits of Instagram

Instagram is absolutely key to a hotel’s marketing strategy in 2021. The social media giant has over 1 billion users and a stunning 100 million photos and videos are uploaded to it every single day. If you’re a hotel owner and you don’t yet have Instagram, you are missing out on an excellent marketing opportunity. The following quote from Hotel Management will shock you!

‘A prospective hotel’s social media presence is of interest to millennials, with 73 percent saying they check the company’s social media feed before booking. In fact, 33 percent would be put off booking altogether if a hotel had no social media presence.’

As an integral part of travel and tourism, hotels are blessed with being part of a very aesthetically pleasing industry. With Instagram literally made with the ‘visual’ front of mind, there’s no better platform upon which to show off and promote your hotel. Unlike other less visually pleasing industries, the hotel industry was made for Instagram.

In this article, we introduce a number of ways in which you can improve your strategy on Instagram and achieve social media success. For those hotel owners without Instagram, we hope that we can persuade you that now is the time to adopt and implement!

Tips to improve your hotel Instagram account

1. Spy on your competition

One of the best ways to implement a successful social media strategy is to do your research and spy on competitors. Spend some time searching for the Instagram accounts of other hotels in your region and analyse what they are doing. What do you like about their accounts? What isn’t so great? Can you identify any strategies they are using that could be used be your hotel too?

By studying exactly what they’re doing, your business can develop an informed strategy that will help you achieve great results. Don’t feel afraid to also start analysing what other hotel companies are doing around the world. Put together a list of accounts that you consider to be inspirational in their approach to Instagram marketing. Whether they’re on the other side of the planet or down the road, continue to be inspired by the creativity of these accounts.

2. Maintain a consistent brand

Identify a selection of hotel Instagram accounts that you like and you’ll most likely notice that they do one thing particularly well; they stick to their branding. Believe it or not, the visual appeal of your Instagram account genuinely influences the decision making process for guests. As you flick through various hotel accounts, assume the perspective of the consumer and ask yourself whether the visual appeal of the account draws you in, or sends you away. You’ll undoubtedly learn a lot.

Consider the colour scheme, voice, style and already established branding of your hotel and use this to implement and maintain a consistent brand on your account. The ability to strengthen brand awareness is one of the best things about Instagram as a social media platform, so don’t miss out!

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important. They can direct users to your page and help them discover your business, also increasing the reach of your posts. Having said that, not just any hashtags will do. There is a specific way in which hashtags should be used in order to help your business increase its visibility.

Consider what your audience would search for on Instagram and avoid overarching terms. For example, if you use the hashtag #hotel, you will find your post drown amongst a sea of millions of posts from hotels around the world. Alternatively, use the hashtags: #hotelsouthaustralia #southaustraliatourism #adelaidehotels and you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance and higher visibility with a more relevant audience.

4. Post high-quality images

There’s nothing worse than low quality images. In 2021, with the prevalence of excellent imagery across the internet, there’s no excuse to be uploading outdated or low-quality photographs of your hotel. Using old images or pixelated photos can make your hotel and brand look careless and old fashioned. You may have to invest in a photographer, but it’s totally worth it for the reputation you’ll be sharing with potential customers. Whether it’s photos of your hotel lobby, the pool, rooms, your staff or the exterior of the business, make your photos bright and sharp.

Not convinced? Head to booking.com, search for hotels in a certain region and look at ten hotel websites. How do those hotels with low quality imagery make you feel about the product they offer? Would you stay there?

5. Post frequently

One big mistake you can make as a hotel involves downloading Instagram, getting started and then getting bored of the process, only to stop posting altogether. Unfortunately, posting once per month is not a good way to build a following or engage with an audience on social media. Post as often as you can and try to reach three posts per week. Not only will your posts stick in the minds of your target market, but they will also work better with Instagram’s algorithms.

Posting less frequently can also result in your posts becoming too sales focused and less about entertaining your audience. For example, if you post every few weeks but only do so to promote a new deal you have at your restaurant, event held in your bar or discount offer available, your Instagram changes from an engaging, appealing feed, to a sales page. Whilst on some social media platforms this is more acceptable, on Instagram unfortunately it is not!

6. Use Instagram Stories

Make the most of Instagram and use the stories function if you’re looking to ramp up your engagement. Many users actually prefer the stories function for its creativity, bitesize content and user-friendly engagement. Share moments in the everyday life of your restaurant and allow staff to take over the Instagram account for an hour. Perhaps even do a tour of the different rooms you offer or share the selection of wines on your menu. Take guests behind the scenes, or let wait staff introduce a new offer available at the restaurant. The feeling of stories as being ‘live’ makes them more engaging than a regular post.

Let your creativity roam free with Instagram’s stories!

7. Share the uniqueness of your region

Your region, city or town is unique and that’s why people visit. Your guests upon searching for a hotel want to know not only about your hotel but also what is on offer in the local area. Is there nearby cafe? What does the landscape look like? What is the view from the window? Is there a quaint local pub down the road? What attractions or activities can enjoy do nearby? Use your instagram to not only share views from within the walls of your hotel, but outside too. Sharing content from your region not only draws in guests for its visual appeal, but helps you to position yourself as a local expert.

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