Weekend Away In Leigh Creek

Leigh Creek is an ‘Oasis in the Desert’, located approximately 600kms north of Adelaide. Leigh Creek will give you the ultimate Australian outback experience, with a typical climate of the arid Australian inland. We’ve put together a list of attractions to see and do during a weekend in Leigh Creek. Stay with us at Leigh Creek Outback Resort, located in the picturesque Northern Flinders Ranges, offering a range of accommodation options.

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Nestled in the Northern Flinders Ranges, the town of Beltana dates back to 1870 but more importantly, is home to camel experiences! Take a guided tour on the back of a camel, with rides lasting from 30minutes to a 4 night safari. Continuing with adventurous activities, visit Aroona Dam sanctuary, spanning 44sq km it is the perfect location for outdoor adventures including bush walking, fishing and camping. Pack a picnic and enjoy the valley views.

For a change of pace, head 130km east of Leigh Creek to Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary where you’ll see some of Australia’s most stunning and iconic mountainous views. Stare in awe at the towering granite peaks and magnificent gorges with a guided tour or discover many of the bush walking tracks.

For a filling lunch or dinner, be sure to visit the Leigh Creek Bar & Grill open daily! Delivering your steakhouse favourites in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere this is the place to eat during your weekend in Leigh Creek!

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Where to stay? Stay with us at Leigh Creek Outback Resort, the perfect location for your next holiday offering a range of accommodation as well as Leigh Creek Bar & Grill. Stay with us this Summer and save up to 25% off accommodation. Book Now!

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Images Supplied by Dave Hartley Photography

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