Bonus Wine Down

Did you know that hosting your next conference, corporate function or workshop at one of our regional locations could have more positive benefits than just a trip away?

Residential conferences can have great effects on your team by giving them the opportunity to escape the distraction of a busy city. Leave the clutter behind and create a calmer environment that promotes a clear and focused thought process.

Introducing your attendees to a new environment can also promote new ideas and higher levels of collaboration. A new environment prompts people to view circumstances from a different perspective, it encourages open conversation and stimulates contribution.

Not only do regional locations offer unique settings unmatched by any CBD location, they also showcase regional produce and local wines, offering delegations a complete experience. Hosting a residential conference enhances team bonding, your accommodation and venue are both located onsite, removing the need to travel home and allowing time for relaxation.

Make the most of the end of the financial year and book your residential conference at either Clare or McCracken Country Club to receive our Bonus Wine Down only available until 31 July for events held before 31 August! Our special offer includes an intimate wine tasting for your attendees featuring a selection of locally produced wines from around the region and a complimentary regional produce platter.

Please see the below links for full terms and conditions and  more information on our Bonus Wine Down offers.

Bonus Wine Down at McCracken Country Club

Bonus Wine Down at Clare Country Club









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