5 gift ideas for your mum for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – it’s the day annually when we take a moment to stop and recognise the important women in our life.  Be it your elderly neighbour, wife, friend with young children, godmother, biological mother, step-mum, or just a wonderful lady that you know, it’s a great opportunity to say thank you and I love you. But sometimes thinking about a special gift to show your appreciation can be difficult. So we’re here to help with our 5 top gift ideas from a quick poll of our management and staff. These are presents we recommend as winners this Mother’s Day – Sunday 11 May 2014.

  1. Breakfast in bed
    Easy to coordinate and something that you can get the kids involved with. Make pancakes or bacon & eggs, or just buy a nice fruit loaf with a selection of gourmet jams. For an added touch, make a plunger coffee and pick a flower from the garden to put on the serving tray. If mum is worried about crumbs in bed, tell her not to leave her bedroom until you’ve set the table and laid out an impressive spread.
  2. Pamper package or Yoga class
    In this increasingly busy world we live in it’s often difficult to take time out for ourselves, even more so for busy mothers who are often working a full time job and running a household. A voucher for a massage or beauty treatment from the local salon or day spa is sure to be well received, or why not look into yoga or meditation classes that are run in your area and enquire about a gift certificate or voucher? Some may even have free come and try options so you can make your own voucher for mum to go along (remember it’s the thought that counts!)
  3. A bottle of Baileys or a nice wine
    Your local bottle shop is sure to have some great specials leading up to Mother’s Day, so spoil your mum with her favourite bottle of wine or liqueur popped into a fancy gift bag. The bonus with this idea is even if you’ve left it until Saturday night to coordinate, many liquor shops are open until late!
  4. Surprise Sunday drive
    Tell mum not to make any plans for Sunday, then pick her up and take her for a leisurely drive into a nearby wine region or to the beach. You could pack a picnic or book ahead at a local pub or café that’s offering Mother’s Day lunch. Plan a couple of stops to visit some of the attractions in the towns you’re passing through , to wander the main street and have a look in some of the local galleries or stores.
  5. Movie tickets & a coffee voucher
    The best bit about giving movie tickets is that you often will score yourself a movie date, even if the movie is mum’s choice. Consider stopping in at a café nearby and asking for a voucher for a couple of coffees which you can enjoy before or after the film to complete the experience.

And don’t forget about the sentimental value of a homemade card! Get the kids involved to create something special for mum to stick up on the fridge and bring a smile to her face for the days to follow.

1834 Hotels wish all mums a very Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday 11th May.  To find out what’s happening for Mother’s Day across our network of South Australian hotels, you can read our latest newsletter here.

And to purchase a gift voucher for your mum, follow this link > www.1834hotels.com.au/gift-voucher

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